In the early stages, your market should be huge, but the target audience has to be as narrow as possible
Don’t even try to launch a product “for everyone”. You face only low conversion and conflicting priorities in development. Both of these cause broken Customer Experience and lead to increasing Churn. On the other side, if you choose a specific niche without focusing on the whole market it’s easy to stuck there with fewer ways to scale.
Stop struggling with abstract theses for nobody! Form a "sexy" offer that responds to the customer’s sensory experience. Allow your customer to imagine specific experience with your product to their life. This creates a natural motivation to use it.
To understand sensory experience you have to sort out in the market and segmentize the audience.
My methodology is built for finding the very first customers on huge markets. Try it - book a free 30 minutes call
Or try it right now, answer 3 simple questions:
What Task does your product help to do for any of your customers?
All people with the task are your Total Addressable Market. Every solution that helps to do the Task is your competitor or partner.
If the Task is formed properly it becomes an attention trigger for your customers.
notion image

notion image
Depending on what your customers choose different ways to solve the Task?
The answer leads you to see different contexts your customers are in. In different contexts, people use different solutions. This is the way to notice real segments and choose the most interesting to you right now.
If you describe the right context it will show your customers that the product is built for them, which is warming.

What exact types of customers are unsatisfied with existing solutions in the chosen context?
This is your Early Adopters niche - people who have the Task to do but still have no solution, so they’re really struggling without it. They are ready to buy even a half-baked product if it helps them to do the task.
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Now it’s time for test:
  • Just reach a decision maker in your network
  • Tell them you have a product that helps to do [the Task] in the [Context]
  • Then just add your difference from existing solution.
  • It might be useful to say your understanding of problems they face due to the Context. Ask for some thoughts.
This is the very minimum questions a business have to answer to easily get first customers and keep the way to scale the product
If you want more, let me show you the whole methodology